[Ilugc] Open Source Software Survey -Reg

ARUN PALANIAPPAN arunpalaniappan.mek at gmail.com
Wed Jul 4 14:27:01 IST 2012

Dear Friends,

I am sorry for this mail.

I received the survey request through this list only and I feel it is
appropriate to comment on that using this list only. . I was shocked on
seeing a reply mail, insulting me.

>>Nobody is interested to know if you are poor or rich.

I feel very much insulted by this sentence.

The writer has insisted me to send my feedback to the author not to the
list. I get his point. But, I have one query.

I was not the only one who has given a feedback. There is one more feedback
to the survey request, which was posted well before my reply. But, there
was no mention on that. Does rules or advise apply only to newbies?

I strongly feel that mailing a person about one of  his/her post, who does
not have my contact, is not so ethical. Further, this is not some thing
like a service or art that requires feedback of the work. I just replied
expressing my inability to complete the surveyalong with appreciation for
his task.

I feel verymuch depressed by the reply mail, which has humiliated me.

If the members in the list feel that this list is not for one who does not
practise software profession, or if this list is something only for a group
of people, I request you to kindly relieve me from the list.

Thank you


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