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ARUN PALANIAPPAN arunpalaniappan.mek at gmail.com
Wed Jul 4 17:59:13 IST 2012

2012/7/4 Arun Venkataswamy <arun289 at gmail.com>

> Arun Palaniappan,
> Your reply coming after my mail in the thread make it looks as if I sent
> the private mail to you. If you want to complain and bring notice about a
> private mail in this list, have the courage to mention the person and
> contents of that mail before you reply.

> I was the one who complemented you in this list by asking you to change
> poor to proud. But I should add here that you need to change your victim
> and complaining attitude if you want to grow.
Sir, I am not mentioning you.
I recieved a mail with ILUG-C in topic and after reading through, I just
pressed the Reply Button and replied. I was not aware of the fact that
members in the list may reply to the persons in individual also. Thanks to
Shri. T. Shrinivasan, who in a  private chat, made me understand that the
other mail was a private mail and not the one from the list.

I donot want to create unrest by mentioning the writer of the mail but, I
just post the mail content below for a further understanding.

I felt very much insulted on seeing the mail below. I accept the critisicm
of not abiding to the rules. But, I cant accept someone degrading my

Thank you,

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Date: 2012/7/4
Subject: Re: [Ilugc] Open Source Software Survey -Reg
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--- On Tue, Jul 3, 2012 at 10:51 PM, ARUN PALANIAPPAN
<arunpalaniappan.mek at gmail.com> wrote:
| I am a poor Mechanical Engineer,

Nobody is interested to know if you are poor or rich.

| The reason behind my too long (may be wierd) explanation is that I could
| not complete your survey. Strictly speaking, I could not understand few
| questions as they are beyond my understanding level.
| Further, after seeing the full list of questions,  I feel that few of my
| answers  are inappropriate  .
| I feel that this questionnarie might be a good one for Open Source
| Developer but, not so  for a normal Open Source Software *User*

Write your feedback to the person who sent the survey, not to the list!

| Hence, I request your apology for incompletion of the quiz. I also request
| you to delete my replies if they are inappropriate. I also beg your pardon
| if my mail is hurting you by any means.

You are not obliged to complete the survey.

If you have any specific feedback, write to the author who sent the
survey, and not to the list!


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