[Ilugc] new website - http://ilugc.in

Bharathi Subramanian bharathi.list at gmail.com
Thu Jul 5 15:27:49 IST 2012

>> I am yet to find a better theme, so stopping at pagelines.

> With any theme, the header image height can be reduced very much, as in
> current era of widescreen laptops vertical space is to be used
> intelligently. In my screen, the logo and the menu bar together occupy
> almost half of the page height.
> Showing the three boxes below the menu only in home page should be enough,
> IMO. If you feel those things need to be visible always, it's better to put
> them in sidebar.

My suggestions:
1. Limit the no of entries to 5 in the 1st page OR limit the
characters per entry.
2. Put "join the list" at the end of List Guide line page. Otherwise,
we may get emails like, "plz remove my email id.."
3. Fix the blog tags (Announcements, Event, MoM, fdp, workshop, ..).
Otherwise we will end up with 100s of tags.

Bye :)
Bharathi Subramanian

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