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Fri Jul 6 15:36:20 IST 2012

On 07/06/2012 01:41 PM, kenneth gonsalves wrote:
> On Fri, 2012-07-06 at 08:57 +0530, 0 wrote:
>> IMO, The article was more about Apple and its IP policy in general.
>> The
>> comments sections in the article throw more light on this. Although
>> an
>> interesting read, I thought it was OT. I could be wrong.
> depends on the definition OT for this group. The group is not a
> homogeneous group with a single well defined aim. It is a loose alliance
> of several different types of focus. I see it like this:
> 1. It is a linux users' group - so obviously any discussion of linux and
> linux based stuff is not OT.
> 2. We have a large number of adherents to the Free Software movement, so
> any discussion of this - including discussions of the wider concerns of
> the Free Software Movement like DRM etc is not OT.
> 3. We also have a large number of Open Source enthusiasts - so
> discussion of these topics, including the ongoing debate between open
> source and free software is also on topic.
> 4. In addition we have users of various BSD and unix flavours.
> 5. As a consequence of the above, discussion of any open source
> language, toolkit and framework is also ok.
> 6. And advocacy of all the above also implies that criticism of
> companies and ideas that are contrary to the above is also on topic.
> I would say that the post under consideration falls fairly under points
> 2 and 6 above and is not OT.

I agree with you that the above mentioned points are relevant to the 
list in some way, but where do we draw the line ? I am sure, there are 
going to a bunch of news articles every day on DRM, patents, copyright 
etc. For example, the recent controversy over Blizzard and Diablo III on 
GNU/Linux (over wine),


Because, GNU/Linux users are affected, one can claim it to be relevant 
to the list but I just consider it to be news and would add an [OT] tag.

IMO, The reason for [OT] tag is to help members in the list to skip 
emails of least importance/relevance and to enable discussions which are 
subjective without any end goal.

Just my 2 cents.


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