[Ilugc] One day FOSS workshop in Sri Durgadevi Polytechnic College, Kavaraipettai

Baskar Selvaraj baskar at linuxpert.in
Sat Jul 7 19:31:37 IST 2012

Dear all,

One day FOSS workshop was conducted in Sri Durgadevi Polytechnic College,
Kavaraipettai (http://www.sdpc.ac.in) on 06/07/12 for the 2nd and 3rd year
students of Computer Technology totaling 126 students.

The workshop was conducted as 2 separate sessions.  A hands-on session was
given to all the students to remotely install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS in their
desktops.  After installation the students were introduced to package
management using apt-get / ubuntu software center. An interesting thing to
note that, more than 30 students purchased Ubuntu DVDs after the workshop.

I would like to thank Mr. Harikumar / Placement Officer and HOD/Computer
Technology for organising the workshop.

Also, in my recent workshops, I noticed ubuntu's default unity interface
attracts students community at large.

Now I am currently working on a new project named, "Ubuntu Linux Campus" to
implement Ubuntu GNU/Linux in more than 2000+ technical institutions across
Tamilnadu (only the project is named after Ubuntu, and we will be
supporting all other major distributions as well, so no distro
controversies here).

I am sure that this initiative would definitely become huge success if it
is well planned / supported.  I am very eager to hear from ILUG-C / other
community members on this.


S. Baskar
CEO/LinuXpert Systems

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