[Ilugc] mplayer tricks

Girish Venkatachalam girishvenkatachalam at gmail.com
Sat Jul 7 21:09:30 IST 2012

There are plenty of music players and video players in UNIX.

But I love mplayer. I have also done some foot pedal coding with mplayer I/O.

But overall I love it for its ability to handle all media,all
situations and all output devices.

I got to know that mplayer is actually a music player as well from my
former colleague several
 years ago.

You could play video in root window(yes), you could also play tv and
do several other things.

$ mplayer -rootwin foo.flv

You can also play streaming audio and video.From Internet radio
stations or a video file available
 using HTTP or RTSP.

Actually you could also use it to view webcam and surveillance camera.

mplayer also can rip DVDs, play DVDs.

You can transcode video using its companion mencoder. You can create a
DVD from a bunch of
 video files.

You need dvdauthor after converting the video to mpeg.

mplayer can play a song or a playlist in a loop. It also understands
playlists, it has support for OSD menus.

Which is basically transparent glass like menus invoked with the mouse
or keyboard.


Gayatri Hitech

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