[Ilugc] To Learn Linux

naveen91linux naveen91linux at gmail.com
Sun Jul 8 11:37:58 IST 2012


try to explain little bit about yourself and what is the purpose of learning.

This group would help u to clarify if you have any doubt.

search youtube for some linux related videos, and ask if you have any question specifically.


Sent from Samsung Mobilesaravana babu <babusaravana75 at gmail.com> wrote:Respected sir,
                    I am new to lynux  but i have installed ubuntu 10:10. i
need to know where to start learning it and how to install an application,i
receive mail from the lynux user and i am unable to understand what they
are communicating about.please help me.

                                                              Thanking you,

                                       yours faithfully

                                      K.Saravana Babu
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