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> Thank you ,
> I am using Uber Svn Server in Ubuntu , The problem is i am unable to locate
> the repository path through linux command line.I searched lot in the

      I don't know how Uber SVN works. But on Ubuntu, just do

sudo apt-get install subversion

And you will have your subversion ready. Then, if you want to create a
new repo on the box, use

svnadmin create repo_name

Then you need to import the necessary data using svn import. If you
want to access your repo over HTTP/HTTPS, you need to add the WebDAV
for svn and configure apache(or  what ever server you prefer to use).

If you just want to use it to check out a copy, after install
subversion, just do

svn co https://url/of/repo dest_folder

dest_folder is optional there.

You can do commit, update, resolve conflicts etc using the respective
commands. Thanks

PS: Please do not top post. There have been numerous discussion on the
list asking people not to top post just last week :)
Thank you
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