[Ilugc] How to recover data from lost+found folder.

Rajeshkumarpothiappan gprkumar at gmail.com
Sun Jul 8 20:31:44 IST 2012


  I  am  using Win  Xp in  my  system with 4 partitions(C,D,E,F). I  have
installed Ubuntu 11.04 as  Dual boot in a  Partition(let it be F).
While  installing the Used and  Free  space is  shrinked in  that
partition.Now  the problem :
           "Inside Ubuntu , the root directories is loaded in  free space
 after shrinking F disk .
            The  Used  space is separated as   new File System and  mounted
in media folder.
             This  contains  lost+found folder only.
              Kindly tell me  steps to   recover data  from it.
             This  disk  is  not  shown in  windows Xp. "


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