[Ilugc] Linux BMR - Getting Volume Group name and LV Names in C++ code - [OT]

selvaraj v s vsselvaraj at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 13:23:50 IST 2012


I am doing Linux BMR . I need to handle the LVMs for that case. While
backing up i need to backup the "Volume group names" using pvscan in system
command and  "Logical Volume names" using lvscan  and keep it in a file..
Now i use vgdisplay command to know whether the source disk is lvm.. If its
output is "No volume groups found" i will take it as not an lvm disk.. I
need to know whether this a rite way to backup lv names and vg names.. or
if there is any better way to do it , kindly suggest me.

While i use vgdisplay and execute in system command in C side , i get some
list of files with a message that those files are getting leaked on
invocation of vgdisplay. I am confused why it is so.. Kindly tel your



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