[Ilugc] Mail server implementation

Arun Khan knura9 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 14:24:46 IST 2012

On Thu, Jul 12, 2012 at 9:58 AM,  <amachu at amachu.net> wrote:
> On Wednesday 11 July 2012 02:22 PM, Arun Khan wrote:
>>> I am searching for knowledge base links for how to implement the
>>> mail
>>> server and what are the basic requirements to implement. It would be
>>> nice
>>> if there is a step by step guidelines.
>> Generally speaking, asking for step by step instructions in any
>> mailing list suggests  that you have not your own due diligence to
>> search (at least in my mind).

> OP mentions he is searching for, but may be couldn't get closer
> results.

OK, then that should be shared by the OP to show what s/he has come up
with so far.   We can then collectively point him/her in the right

> IMHO, everyday new people join the list & many might not know about
> search engines, even if they know they aren't aware of the right ways to
> search with proper keywords.

Given the popularity of  FB and twitter amongst the cross section of
the non techy populace,  it is very unlikely that netizens have not
heard of search engines.

I agree they might not know what key words to give;  if you notice, I
have also suggested the keywords in my response.

A search on those keywords would have given the OP a whole bunch of
links that discuss email server setups.  Personally, I try to help
when I see that the other person has made some genuine efforts to help

> some one following the list for, say a month, would automatically come
> to know, the first option is duckduckgo. ;-)

Or some other engine :)

> but till then, when its the first time & if we reply to them to search
> first & then ask here, it might not encourage to ask further.

IMO, this was acceptable in the 1995 to 2000s era; the web forums and
blogging was nascent and search engine archives were building up.    I
 also get personal emails seeking help.   I politely tell them to ask
their question in the forum/mailing list.  I answer if they do
otherwise I ignore them.

*Today*, for practically every problem that I have encountered; I have
found the solution or accepted it as known bug when I have simply
searched giving the error message string.

> probably showing some pointers & then asking them to search further
> would show them the path. eventually they might end up doing it as a
> habit.

I gave the pointer to Zimbra CE.  Myself and other responders also
hinted what else the OP has to know to setup up a proper email server.

> this will be repeated thousand times & the solution need also be
> repeated that much times.

sigh.  then the n00bs of the yester months/years, who now have a bit
more experience, should step in and start answering such questions.
Others can correct if there is any mistake in the answers.    I do not
see this happening. That is the way of learning anything.

IMO asking for step-by-step instructions is like saying "hold my hands
and tell me exactly what to do."

> PS: I noticed you giving pointers as part of the mail, but at times
> this is also conveyed rude.


OK, so giving pointers (help) can now be considered rude.    From my
perspective, this may discourage the experienced users from giving

Thanks for the feedback.

Arun Khan
"As a layman, I would say we have it, but as a scientist I have to
say, 'What do we have?'"
Rolf Heuer, Director General CERN on the announcement of the Higgs
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