[Ilugc] Mail server implementation

Mohan Sundaram mohan.tux at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 15:01:40 IST 2012

On Thu, Jul 12, 2012 at 9:58 AM,  <amachu at amachu.net> wrote:
> OP mentions he is searching for, but may be couldn't get closer
> results.
> IMHO, everyday new people join the list & many might not know about
> search engines, even if they know they aren't aware of the right ways to
> search with proper keywords.
> some one following the list for, say a month, would automatically come
> to know, the first option is duckduckgo. ;-)

Search engine usage is a basic skill. I do not think we would coach a
person on this. OP should have told what he searched for and what he
saw as results atleast. Else it seems like "if you want something
without doing any work, ask ilugc. Easy way out".

> but till then, when its the first time & if we reply to them to search
> first & then ask here, it might not encourage to ask further.

Disagree. While we are willing to help folks, they must have the
initiative to put in some effort. If he then faces problems, I'm sure
many of us will jump in. If he does in the basic effort, then he
should not be spoon fed. IMHO, help being free and voluntary, this
much of interest is deemed necessary from the OP. I also think
teaching people to help themselves and in the bargain, help others is
one of the intended side objectives. Else, this becomes a school.

> probably showing some pointers & then asking them to search further
> would show them the path. eventually they might end up doing it as a
> habit.
> this will be repeated thousand times & the solution need also be
> repeated that much times.

Disagree again. If a person knows he can get help on a mailing list,
it is expected that a large probability exists that some one else
would have asked the same question. So, onus is on the person to
search the mail archives.

> PS: I noticed you giving pointers as part of the mail, but at times
> this is also conveyed rude.

Opinions vary. I've not found Arun's replies rude ever. Being to the
point should not be misconstrued to be rude. Rude is when we call the
person names, attach negative connotation objectives etc. or insult
the person by being sarcastic.

-- Mohan Sundaram

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