[Ilugc] Request for Multi-page image editing FLOSS

Shrinivasan T tshrinivasan at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 23:10:20 IST 2012

> Scenario:
> I have scanned a book in a4 size (set-1 of files)
> I have scanned separately other sizes -- say a3 and a1 (typical
> foldouts in a book) (set-2 of files)
How many pages that book has?

For example, if the book has 100 pages, you have 100 a4 images, 100 a3
images and 100 a1 images.

Am I right?

> Now I want to make a single file containing all the pages in set-1 and
> set-2
Do you want to stitch all the 100 images as a single file?

> Is there software to do that.
Gimp can do the stuff.

Explain your requirement with some more details.
It is tough to get your need from your query.


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