[Ilugc] Request for Multi-page image editing FLOSS

Rajagopal Swaminathan raju.rajsand at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 23:58:12 IST 2012


On Thu, Jul 12, 2012 at 11:10 PM, Shrinivasan T <tshrinivasan at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Scenario:
>> I have scanned a book in a4 size (set-1 of files)
>> I have scanned separately other sizes -- say a3 and a1 (typical
>> foldouts in a book) (set-2 of files)
> How many pages that book has?
> For example, if the book has 100 pages, you have 100 a4 images, 100 a3
> images and 100 a1 images.

Thanks for the response.

Fictitious example:
no. of a4 (actually little smaller) say 100 sheets
No. of a3 foldouts about 23 sheets
No . a1 sheets about 8 or so

Total no of sheets 131

The resulting document should have 131 pages: say PDF file with 231
pages (considering that each sheet of a4 is two sided and others one

No OCR needed. (BTW, OT, anybody aware of good devanagari -- hindi,
marathi, sanskrit -- OCR for partially handwritten text? -- tesseract
has a long way to go there I guess)

> Do you want to stitch all the 100 images as a single file?

No. and yes. Not stiching. Yes a single file with multiple pages.

I too am googling in the meantime.

Oh. yes, indeed I will post by findings. If I am successful.



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