[Ilugc] IR Receiver that works on Linux for an XBMC HTPC

Roshan George roshan at arjie.com
Sat Jul 14 20:29:32 IST 2012

Hello, everyone,

I'm looking to buy an IR receiver that works easily on Linux. I know
that it's possible to build one, but I'm really short on time here (I'm
leaving for elsewhere soon and I want to make a HTPC for my
parents/brother). Also, how does this sort of thing work? I have a
Radioshack Universal Remote. Does the receiver need to be built for a
specific remote or will it pick up the stuff and do the mapping from
button-press-received to keypress in software? In the latter case, I can
probably have the Radioshack remote configured correctly rather easily.

The less complicated, the better. Any help is appreciated.

What I've found so far is that lots of TV tuner cards come with an IR
remote and a receiver. However, no one seems to post on the Internet
about whether the remote and receiver work with the card or just the
TV-tuner part. I could probably pick up an Intex TV Tuner card and try
to get it to work, but I haven't used a TV Tuner on Linux in years (last
was a couple of years ago with bttv and a Pinnacle PCTV 50i Pro, I
think) and don't really know how these things work.

By the way, I'm thinking of running XBMC because it looks way better.
The output will be an ancient CRT TV for now, but my brother can
probably work things out once I have everything set up so that if they
buy a newer LCD TV, things will be fine. Any opinions on that are
welcome as well. I have little experience with this, but hopefully
things will go smoothly.

Roshan George <roshan at arjie.com>

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