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Sun Jul 15 01:08:36 IST 2012

Kaniyam - is a monthly E Magazine in Tamil Langiage for Free Open Source

We are happy to release the seventh issue of Kaniyam.

Now, Kaniyam reaches all the Ubuntu users in the world via Ubuntu Software
Thanks for all the contributors who make Kaniyam running.

Kaniyam is released under creative commons license.
You can
Share with anyone.
Modify and publish.
Use for commercial purpose.

But, you have to attribute the original article, author name and
You have to give the same rights to all. Have to release in the same
creative commons license.

We have a "Ubuntu Release Party" at chennai on 21 July 2012 at MIT
Chrompet. All are welcome.

This issue has the following contents in Tamil:

Getting Started with Ubuntu 12.04 - Book Review
Clipgrab - Download youtube videos
apt-fast - download applications faster
How to use awk?
Free software in the Business World
Ubuntu 12.04 Release Party in Chennai
Network monitor - NetHogs
How to make Ubuntu looks like Mac OSX
pySioGame - Games for Kids
How to Dual Boot Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 7
Introduction to Python
Shri/Sri - A Discussion
An Interview with Fedora Science - Amit Saha
How to use Indian Rupee Symbol in GNU/Linux?
Article Competition

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