[Ilugc] [fosscomm] Hacking and Activism

satyaakam goswami satyaakam at gmail.com
Sun Jul 15 08:50:19 IST 2012

> But the FSMK people have decided to use the term "ethical hacking" for
> "hacking + Activism" and possibly beyond.
> http://www.fsmk.org/ethical-hacking
> Is this a good move?

time will tell , so far the users of the term have had made money , also
the motive of FSMK is not clear may be they wanted to catch the attention
as in publicity since the spin web doctors and media have done so much to
register the term in people 's mind it  makes it so much more easier to
sell something than  just old philosophical and moral high ground points.

etymologically speaking there is some research to be done to find how this
word came into being , a quick web search just could find one such paper on
the http://digitalcommons.kennesaw.edu/facpubs/1451/ term but alas that too
was not accessible to me it looks like lots of terms like spam,hacker which
have made it to the urban language then to the dictionaries , so may be
this term will be as acceptable to you as spam is over period of time.

this was the most interesting one did not know that RMS was a whithat till
i read this http://www.protectivehacks.com/Ethical-Hacking.html , as i said
this one and many more like these ....have used and abused the term.

so overall it speaks of changing times and desperation of certain
organizations to have themselves heard you should be writing to the
organizations and the individuals in order to understand what the motives
has been if you have an issue with them.

but yes i agree it does make a case to study and publish something about
what the term really means wrt to free software , open source etc..  now i
think i am getting into an area where most people here are not comfortable
with like researching with these terms itself , i think it will soon become
OT :-) because of the etymological research we are talking about.


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