[Ilugc] Can Guest OS accessing Host WiFi Card Directly ?

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> Hi
> In VirutalBox my Host OS is Ubuntu and my Guest OS is also Ubuntu.
> Host OS is connected through Wired LAN to a router.  Can my Guest use the
> wireless adaptor which is currently no being using in my host to connect to
> the outside world ?
> When I searched the net many says it cannot be done and to use a USB
> Wireless Dongle for the Guest OS, However some of the geeks here may have
> attempted something like this.
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Without giving the specific use case it is not possible to provide
ideas. You can access net in VirtualBox guest if host has internet
connection. This should be sufficient for most use case.

Qemu has PCI pass through. I am not sure whether that is mainlined or
will it work for you. If you are geeky enough to try just give it a
try and write about it if successful.

If you have ample time and knowledge use libpciaccess to access the
Wifi card from user space (i.e., from within Virtual Box and let the
guest know about the PCI card). For this you may need to modify
Virtual Box source code and also the guest kernel (may be a Linux
kernel module). I don't have much info than this and I am not sure how
much time it will take. I guess it may take more than 3 months for a
normal developer doing this work full time (If virtual box source code
is needed to be modified and a linux kernel module has to be written).

If your Wifi card is PCI based then the above two methods will work.
If it is based on USB you need not do anything big - just choose a
menu in the Virtual Box to associate the USB device to the guest.

Prasanna Kumar T S M

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