[Ilugc] Can Guest OS accessing Host WiFi Card Directly ?

Balasubramaniam Natarajan bala150985 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 15 19:44:00 IST 2012

> Without giving the specific use case it is not possible to provide
> ideas. You can access net in VirtualBox guest if host has internet
> connection. This should be sufficient for most use case.
Well my case is I want to practise setting up Adhoc network using WLAN.
Since I don't have may wlan cards as spare I though I would be able to set
up three or more virtual machine using the wireless card in bridge mode to
accomplish the same.

> Qemu has PCI pass through. I am not sure whether that is mainlined or
> will it work for you. If you are geeky enough to try just give it a
> try and write about it if successful.
I did not get the point "whether that is mainlined"

> If you have ample time and knowledge use libpciaccess to access the
> Wifi card from user space (i.e., from within Virtual Box and let the
> guest know about the PCI card). For this you may need to modify
> Virtual Box source code and also the guest kernel (may be a Linux
> kernel module). I don't have much info than this and I am not sure how
> much time it will take. I guess it may take more than 3 months for a
> normal developer doing this work full time (If virtual box source code
> is needed to be modified and a linux kernel module has to be written).
I would wish to be that geeky however I am not :-( at least for now.  As
playing with GNU/Linux is just my hobby.

> If it is based on USB you need not do anything big - just choose a
> menu in the Virtual Box to associate the USB device to the guest.
I know this route from googling, It involves purchase of WLAN usb dongles
:-(.  "Ella may OC yaaa way venuma" :-D lol

Balasubramaniam Natarajan

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