[Ilugc] EFY India brings out the Developments done by Students, Open source app developers.

Prasanna Venkadesh prasmailme at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 23:24:22 IST 2012

Dear all,

Electronics For You, India, EFY group who also hosts the Popular Linux For
You Magazine at India are bringing the Open Source developments done by
College students, all other Open Source and Free Software developers
development to light.

1. Recently one of my friend (Via Facebook) named " Vivek Rajendran " - who
studies at Kalasalingam University developed an basic Electronic tool that
converts Resistor color bands to values and vice versa, he has achieved
this using Java and as cross platfrom. The Source is open and under GPL.

More details here:-

2. And one more app (GillyCricket) which i created the basic version
initially and later two of them forked it and made it better and also
ported to Android.

More details here:-

While having a talk with Diksha P Gupta, Who is also in the mailing list of
ILUGC, i hope, She said EFY is ready to cover and bring out such
developments done around Free Software and Open source.

If you are the one who are doing such things or you know some of them doing
the same, You can contact:- diksha (dot) gupta @ efy (dot) com

Prasanna Venkadesh
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