[Ilugc] Open source and business

Arun Venkataswamy arun289 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 13:07:19 IST 2012


Has anybody in this list or people you know - have made money by creating
open source products? I am not talking about people who earn money by
providing services around someone else's effort of creating the primary,
core product (say the LAMP stack).  I am talking about people who are
creative and made stuff from scratch. Off late I have started to have these
conflicting thoughts in my mind whether this entire open source movement is
made up of a small bunch of charitable people (the creators) and a huge
bunch of leeches who monetize the charity.

I personally feel like a leach and have used brilliant open source apps
free of cost to my benefit. I never had the time to participate seriously
in giving back content to the open source pool (apart from a few
donations). This is not an excuse, as I would have found time if I believed
that it was my responsibility. Anybody/Organization associated with this
group have a give-back policy?

This is not a troll or to start a flame war. Just want to know about how
you guys think.


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