[Ilugc] Reg NIS server issue

Srinivasan k srini.vasanth at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 14:49:23 IST 2012

Hi team,

I need your advise on NIS environment.In our office 1 NIS server and 2 NIS
Slave server and 10 NIS client is running.In that scnerio one day one NIS
slave server is down.So that we are not able to connect Some of the NIS
client through SSH because in that yp.conf file have put the entry as NIS
failed slave server first entry and next one is NIS master server.So as per
the Master and Slave concept if one server is down means automatically
switch over to next server but its not happening particularly in one Backup
server of the NIS client.So that all the backup jobs failed on particular
client.But some other server worked on the same day in that server also
same type of entry only existing like failed server is first entry and NIS
master server is 2nd entry.So i need your advise on this is anything we
have to configure on the backp server.Please share your inputs on this.


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