[Ilugc] What is wrong?

Girish Venkatachalam girishvenkatachalam at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 19:33:53 IST 2012

How to find out what is wrong with you?

If you are a techie the reason will most likely be the code you are

It has bugs.

How to identify the issue?

One possibility is that of using printf. Logic is usually the issue.

Then you use the gdb tool along with some breakpoints and tracing.

You can also use profiling tools and try to do some guesswork about
 what could go wrong.

Alright what if it is a networking issue? Packets getting dropped, slowed
 down, TCP connection not going through?

Use netcat, tcpdump, wireshark and debug.

What about system being too slow, thrashing, very sluggish response?

Use top, kill the offending process.

You should realize certain things take time, p7zip, copying to USB
stick and so on.

You should not end up killing them. ;)

In your programming if you put a busy wait where you can easily do a sleep that
 is poor programming.

But most of the situations you face are due to other issues.

Choice of the Linux distro also matters hell of a lot. You can start
with a commercial thing
 but slowly learn to use Debian.

Then also play with FreeBSD. You may not like it but it will be better
than Debian or other Linux.

There are also certain hardware bugs like gcc crashing which is caused
by defective RAM.

If your VM reports bugs it is likely the RAM.


Gayatri Hitech

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