[Ilugc] Grub Installation fails in lesser versions - BMR restore [OT]

selvaraj v s vsselvaraj at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 12:06:23 IST 2012

Hi all,

This topic is purely on a problem in installing grub in my LINUX BMR
process... A major problem too..

I am designing Linux BMR where i do the following..

   - Backup the " / " as a whole .. with partition details ..etc
   - And using the Knoppix Live CD i first create the partitions with
   respect to backed up data , and mount the partitions..
   - Then i copy all the files to the hard disk.. and apply symbolic links.
   - Finally i install grub to the hard disk.

By doing the above process , i am able to backup and restore the CentOS
machine of Version more than 6.0. But the problem comes in lesser versions
in the final stage *(i.e) in the time of installing grub.

> I use this command " chroot /mnt grub-install /dev/sda1 " to install grub
> which worked fine for versions more than 6.0 . But the same is throwing *stage1
> file not read correctly while installing in 5.5 version*.* *But while i
> use grub command line and give "root (hd0,0) and setup (hd0)" then it is
> getting installed.. and i got the system booted..
I cant follow this grub command line while i go for coding. I am in need of
some one's help now.. I need to clarified on the following..

   1. Why grub-install command giving stage1 error in versions less than 6.0
   2. Is grub scriptable ??
   3. How can i solve this problem , is there any other way to install grub
   through UNIX C++ code..??

Kindly revert me , if u need some further clarifications...



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