[Ilugc] [ILGUC] [HELP] Extraction of Data and Plotting

ARUN PALANIAPPAN arunpalaniappan.mek at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 21:33:21 IST 2012

Hi all,

We have data acquisition system which works in Windows. After acquisition,
the data automatically gets plotted (I think so!!) in a software called
Easy Plot.

Easy Plot works well with Windows but, not  in Linux (as Expected!!) .
Opening  it using some Virtual mode also is more cumbersome.

Now the problem is the Data can be viewed or copied only if I open it using
Easy Plot. When I try to open the file using either Note Pad (WIndows) or
using Gedit (Linux), I just get a cluster of symbols!!

The Only way that I follow to manipulate with the data in Linux, as of now,
is as follows:
1. Open the file using EasyPlot in Windows.
2. Copy the Data onto a note pad or Spread sheet and Save(Depending on the
3. Reboot the System now to Ubuntu
4. Open the new datafile and Plot/ Check

Is there any alternative means?
Or is there any means to extract the Data and paste it into a Note atleast?

Easy Plot is a Software produced by Spiral Software. It was designed to
meet the technical graphing needs of the engineers and researchers. (1986)
More info: http://www.amion.com/ep/epindex.html

File Extensions will be either .ep or .epo or .epw (depending on the type
of data)

Thanks in Advance!


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