[Ilugc] Open source and business

ஆமாச்சு amachu at amachu.net
Sun Jul 29 21:03:43 IST 2012

On Wednesday 25 July 2012 01:07 PM, Arun Venkataswamy wrote:
> I am talking about people who are
> creative and made stuff from scratch. Off late I have started to have these
> conflicting thoughts in my mind whether this entire open source movement is
> made up of a small bunch of charitable people (the creators) and a huge
> bunch of leeches who monetize the charity.

to my knowledge many such foundations are Section 25 kind of 
organizations - not typical charitable organizations.
corporates revolve around such foundations - donating - deploying their 
staff to work directly on upstream projects & they in turn offer 
services as well as device their creations based out of them.
such foundations are also driven by corporates in some cases.
there are corporates that does it in right spirit and set as an example 
& there are corporates/ leeches that violates the spirit.

> This is not an excuse, as I would have found time if I believed
> that it was my responsibility. Anybody/Organization associated with this
> group have a give-back policy?

Well one thing that I insisted so seriously among my colleagues is to 
become developer/ contributor to the projects upon which we offer our 
services, which is so important in my opinion as an Open Source 
Organization. Few realised it.

Have given back & contributed few modules too off late, privately. Hope 
it grows down the line.



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