[Ilugc] Open source and business

ஆமாச்சு amachu at amachu.net
Sun Jul 29 23:16:41 IST 2012

On Wednesday 25 July 2012 01:07 PM, Arun Venkataswamy wrote:
> This is not an excuse, as I would have found time if I believed
> that it was my responsibility. Anybody/Organization associated with this
> group have a give-back policy?

another thing that I have started doing is, go with creations that are 
truly open - not those with dual licensing model.

at the same time, we insist the customer to pay for the subscription to 
the project originator (RedHat/ OpenERP for examples) & to us for the rest.

I can choose to implement without these contributions going up (with 
CentOS & customizing OpenERP through acquired expertise), but these days 
I have started speaking to customers to pay for 1) us  2) originator, 
telling them the reasons and have succeeded too.



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