[Ilugc] headphones in fedora 17

steve steve at lonetwin.net
Tue Jul 31 20:39:24 IST 2012

On Tuesday 31 July 2012 10:54 AM, kenneth gonsalves wrote:
> On Mon, 2012-07-30 at 20:17 +0530, Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay wrote:
>> On Mon, Jul 30, 2012 at 5:59 PM, kenneth gonsalves
>> <lawgon at thenilgiris.com> wrote:
>>> update - the headphones work out of the box on my wife's much newer
>>> laptop running Fedora 16
>> If you play music/sound on the F17 box, do you get a sound output ?
> yes - but only on the internal laptop speakers - the headphones are mute

You most likely need to change the output device. Different ways to do this:

a. Go to 
     Slide the toggle button to On, in a bit you'd be asked whether you 
want to install the extension. Select install. Reload gnome-shell (ie: 
Alt+r, type in 'r' and Enter). Now, right clicking the volume icon 
should hopefully show you the different output 'devices'. Select the one 
matching your headphone socket. (btw, if you are at extensions.gnome.org 
check out all the other extensions. Extensions make gnome3 so much more 
usable - In fact, at least for me gnome-shell F17 + extensions 
+gnome-shell-theme-zukini.noarch is proving to be better than gnome2 ;-) 
...yes, that's what I said ! )

b. Open a terminal and execute 'gnome-control-center', click on Sound, 
in the 'Output' tab, check if you have something like 'Analog 
Headphones' in the drop down for 'Connector'. Select that and then try.

if this doesn't work ...dump gnome and use something like xfce till the 
gnome guys sort it out.

- steve

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