[Ilugc] [[Doubts]] Installing Bitmask and bypassing fortinet firewall

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| Description:    Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS

Okay, it is LTS.

| I have done this too and did google on the error (unmet dependencies)

So, there is a package dependency problem. You could file a bug with Ubuntu.

|  https://bitmask.net/en/install/linux
| Followed instructions too but failed to install the same.

What error did you get?

| But I want to
| know what type of events fortinet firewall triggers if someone wants to
| establish a vpn connection.

You need to ask Fortinet, because they are the people who wrote it.

| Rest I don't have any bad intention.

Just making sure you understand what you are doing.




Thr above mentioned link to access the bitmask site is not ever accessible.


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