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Hello friends,
Hope the holiday season is going on well for you.

You might have seen news around Net Neutrality and Facebook Free Basics.
Its a project proposed by Facebook in collaboration with some telecom
operators, and the government authority (TRAI) is in the process of
deciding on its validity. TRAI has also invited suggestions from general
public on the issue, for which the last date is 30th Dec

As a volunteer for the cause of Net Neutrality I have been trying to
support and promote the efforts of the savetheinternet.in team. The idea is
to raise awareness on the issue by showing the importance of net-neutrality
and request everyone to email their opinions to TRAI. Facebook itself has
embarked on a campaign in support of their project - you may have seen
newspaper ads and Facebook notifications.

I'd urge you to visit the website (savetheinternet.in) or check this
to see our side of the argument. Here's a summary too: Freebasicsfacts
You can also watch this entertaining video: AIB : Save The Internet 3
<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAQWsTFF0BM>. After taking an informed
decision on it, please send an email to TRAI. The savetheinternet.in
website has the details and a *boilerplate* text for the email what we can

I have not yet seen a lot of content on the subject in Tamil - most of the
discussion is happening in English. It will be great if we can share the
ideas in Tamil too, so it appears more endearing and relevant. If you have
something that I may have missed, please share with me.

Thanks for reading through this off-topic email. I hope I have not broken
any conventions of mailing list discussion here. And if I have, please tell
me that too.

Many thanks and regards,


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