I am a Professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering in the Solids and Structures group. My research work spans a range of problems in the broad area of structures made of composites and advanced materials focussed on the modelling and analysis of the mechanics and multiphysics response of these structures. A mix and analytical and numerical methods are used and complemented by experimental work done in collaboration with faculty colleagues and scientists from other organizations.












Research Interests





  • Mechanics of Composites and Smart Structures, Shape memory composites for morphing structures and other applications
  • Structural Dynamics and vibro-acoustics
  • Aeroelastic Analysis and Design of  Wind Turbine Blades, Wind Energy
  • Fracture and crack growth in composites & heterogeneous materials







Research Group




Ph. D. 

1.    U. Balavishnu (thesis submitted in July 2021)

Exact formulation and accurate solutions for mechanics and multiphysical response of laminated and sandwich panels

2.    Avnish Pandey (thesis to be submitted by October 2021)

Transient vibro-acoustics of functionally graded and sandwich plates

3.    M. N. Murthy Patnaik (external, ISRO , thesis to be submitted by Dec 2021)

Structural Health Monitoring and wave propagation in heterogeneous media.

4.    Mohd. Saad Barsania (ongoing)

      Design and analysis of a UAV morphing wing control surface using shape memory polymer composites.

5.    P. Ryan Abraham (ongpong, co-guide with Dr. Ranjith Mohan)

     Flight dynamics and control of morphing wing aircraft

6.    Aditya Sabale : (2019 )

Modelling and analysis of non-linear aeroelastic response of composite wind turbine blades.

7.    R. Abishera (2018, co-guide with Prof. R. Velmurugan)

Reversible plasticity shape memory effect in CNT-Epoxy nanocomposites and carbon fibre reinforced CNT-epoxy hybrids

8.    N. Chandra (2016, NAL)

Analytical and experimental investigations on vibro-acoustic behaviour of functionally graded plates


M. S.

         1.Kenneth DSouza (thesis to be submitted in Sep 2021)

Design of morphing trailing edges for horizontal axis wind turbines

2.    Rutvik Dungerwala (started August 2020)

Aeroelasticity of Wind turbines

3.    Vyom Kumar  (started August 2020)

Vibroacoustics of composite and FG panels

4.    Guruprasad Pradeep Hegde (2020)

      Design and analysis of a UAV morphing wing control surface using shape memory polymer composites.

5.    Nisar Fatima (2018)

     Aeroelastic modelling  and analysis of wake turbulence and 3-D dynamic stall in large scale horizontal axis wind turbine

6.    Rohit Vasishta (2017)

Effect of fluid-structure-thermal interaction on the mechanical yaw thrust vectoring efficiency of a rectangular high aspect ratio nozzle

7.    Ramesh Gedhar (2014)

Coupled CFD-FEM aero-elastic modelling of 3-bladed horizontal axis wind turbine rotor with unsteady aerodynamic effects

8.    Swapnil Bhende (2011)

     Bend-Twist Coupled Dynamic Response of a Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Rotor

9.  Kota Vidyasagar (2011)

     Finite element modelling for estimating rolling resistance in radial tires

10. Rajeev John (2010)

Finite element modelling of fracture in functionally graded materials under low velocity impact.



M.Tech/DD Projects (30)

Jaskaran Singh (2020)

Analysis of sandwich composites with variational asymptotic method

Navnit Kishore (2020)

Numerical simulation of crack growth in solid rocket propellant

Swarnendu Manna (2019)

Akhil Sangaonkar (2019)

Free vibration analysis of a sandwich composite plate with multiscale asymptotic expansion method with machine learning implementation

Alok Biswapratap Pani (2018)

Nonlinear dynamic analysis of sandwich composite plates with damping

T. Ponkrshnan (2017)

Vibration Analysis of Hemispherical Shells Using Asymptotic Expansion Differential Quadrature Method

Mohit Garg (2016)

Hybrid semi-active and active vibration damping of sandwich composites.

Pooja Sharma (2016)

Vibrations and damping analysis of sandwich composites with magnetorheological (MR) elastomer core 

D. Sharanya (DD, 2015)

Crack growth modelling in a solid rocket propellant using XFEM

Amique Ukani (2015)

Analytical and numerical modelling of shape memory polymers

Praneel Kumar (2015)

Analysis of Nonlinear vibrations and damping of sandwich composites with viscoelastic core

S. Vijay Kishore (2014)

Nonlinear vibrations of laminated and sandwich plates using homotopy perturbation method

Dharmendra Bhardwaj (2014)

Analysis of the sandwich composite plates with viscoelastic core

Arunmozhi (2014)

XFEM analysis of crack growth in solid rocket propellants

Y.Manohar Reddy (2014)

Aeroelasticity of composite wind turbine rotor blades

Jadhav Krishna Balu (2014)

Finite element analysis of composite patch repairs on composite plates

Jasraj Asdev (2013)

Vibration analysis of syntactic foam core sandwich plates using asymptotic theory

Manoj Jain (2013)

An asymptotic theory for dynamic response of piezoelectric composites

Charles Prabhakaran (2013)

Finite element modelling of the delamination resistance of a carbon nanotube reinforced composite laminate

M. Sivaprasath (DD, 2013)

Finite element modelling of crack retardation in composites by actuation of piezo-fiber and active structural fiber reinforced layers

Sameer Jitkar (DD, 2012)

Biomechanics of a human femur modelling the bone as a heterogeneous material

Prashanth Pinnamaneni (DD, 2012)

Mechanics of multifunctional composites with piezoelectric structural fibres.

N. V. Shivaram (DD, 2012)

Fracture analysis of interface arc cracks between a piezoelectric fiber embedded in a matrix.

N. Chandra (2010)

Active Structural Acoustic Control Studies on a Typical Aircraft Panel

Mudasser Uddin (2010)

Analysis of a circular arc interface crack between a piezoelectric fibre and a homogeneous elastic matrix.

Sandeep Patil (2010)

Fracture analysis of crack in functionally graded piezoelectric layer bonded to two dissimilar homogeneous piezoelectric half planes.

Mohit Manjunath (DD, 2010)

Modelling the Elastic Buckling Behaviour of Carbon Nanotubes

Ashith Paulson (DD, 2009)

Development of a Wind Simulator for Estimating Aerodynamic Loads on Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines and Free Vibration Analysis of Rotor Blades

Suvendu Mahapatra (2008)

Finite Element Analysis of interface Cracks between a FGM and a homogeneous layer

Amuthan R. Arunkumar (DD, 2006) Currently Assistant Professor, IIT Bombay

A nonlinear finite element based aeroelastic solver for rod-like structures





 Select  Publications (from 2016)

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