Arun Kumar R

Post Doctoral Fellow
Project: Variable Camber Morphing Wing

Arun S

PhD Scholar (Jointly with Dr. A Sameen)
Research Topic: Ricthmeyer-Meshkov Instability

Sreelal M R

PhD Scholar
Research Topic: Blast Disturbances and Sabot Discard Process in Transitional Ballistics

Athira C M

PhD Scholar
Research Topic: Exansion Fan Diffraction over bodies of Various Configurations

Vinoth P

PhD Scholar
Research Topic: Shock Reflections in open jets and short wedges

Divia Harshavardini S

PhD Scholar (Jointly with Dr. Arul Prakash K)
Research Topic: Hypersonic Boundary Layer Transition

Sivaprasad G

PhD Scholar
Research Topic: Bistability in Suddenly Expanding High-Speed Confined Jets

Thara Reshma

PhD Scholar
Research Topic:

Ijaz Ahamed

MS Scholar (Presently with LPSC, ISRO)
Research Topic: Flow Separation in Nozzles

Shobhan Roy

MS Scholar (Jointly with Dr. Santanu Ghosh)
Research Topic: Shock-Boundary Layer Interaction on Porous Surafces

Yousaf Saidalavi

Project Officer
AR&DB Project: Experimental Study on Starting Transients in a Vacuum Ejector-Diffuser System