Department Of Aerospace Engg., IITM


Combustion & Propulsion Group


Amit Kumar, Assoc. Professor,


Interests: Combustion and Propulsion, Fluid-Thermal

Science & Engineering



S.R.Chakravarthy, Professor,


Interests: Combustion and Propulsion


T.M.Muruganandam, Asst.Professor,


Interests: Experimental Fluid Dynamics, High Mach No.

Flows, Supersonic Mixing and Combustion


P.A.Ramakrishna, Assoc. Professor,


Interests: Fuel Cells, Combustion, Energy Conversion



R.I.Sujith, Professor,


Interests: Acoustics, Combustion Instability,

Optical Flow Diagnostics



Also: Prof.S.S.Gokhale on long leave presently Director, VNIT, Nagpur