MS/PhD guide allocation

Can I Choose my research area?

YES. The broad areas of research in the department are (1) Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics, (2) Propulsion and (3) Aerospace structures. Your interview will be based on your choice from the above areas. More specific research fields may be viewed in the department research profile and/or individual faculty member homepage.

Can I choose my guide?

Prior to the interview, the candidates are asked to identify an area of interest from the possible areas of (a) Aerospace Structures (b) Combustion and Propulsion and (c) Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics. Correspondingly there are three separate interview panels and the suitability of the candidate for his/her chosen area is ascertained during the interview. The candidate’s preference for analytical or computational or experimental work is also elicited during the interview. Without compromising on these preferences of the candidate, and duly taking into account the departmental needs, the allocation of the guide is done by the department and communicated to the candidate along with the offer of admission. If it is possible to identify more than one prospective guide for a candidate, he/she will be allowed to choose one of them after joining the institute.