Department of Aerospace Engineering

The Department of Aerospace Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM) was established in 1969. Since then it has been in the forefront of fundamental and applied research & development with scientific and social impact in the country. The department has been involved in activities supporting our national ambitions in the field of Aerospace Engineering. Continued interaction with R&D agencies of international repute in the field of aerospace engineering has led to mutually beneficial research activities. One of the major contributions to our society has been in the form of training manpower via graduate research programs (PhD and Master of Science by research) as well as course based programs (M.Tech, Dual Degree and B.Tech). Graduate and undergraduate programs offered are of international repute and considered the best in the country. Various alumni from this department have been at the forefront of research organizations in the country and elsewhere. Department offers a vibrant academic atmosphere which enables independent research and free exchange of ideas.


Department Research Areas

Theoretical, computational and experimental works are carried out in the following major areas

Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics

Theoretical, numerical and experimental studies are conducted on various aspects of fluid flow and dynamics; both at the fundamental level and applied as related to airplanes, helicopters, unmanned …

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Aerospace Propulsion

Fundamental and applied theoretical, numerical and experimental research in the field of propulsion ranging from fuel mixture, combustion to development of engines and motors are conducted here at …

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Aerospace Structures

Theoretical, numerical, experimental and computational research is conducted in the following broad areas of aerospace structures,

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Bachelor of Technology

Duration: 5 Year Course

Dual Degree

Duration: 5 Year Integrated B.Tech & M.Tech

Master of Technology

Duration: 2 Year Course

Master of Science

Minimum duration: 1 ½ years(usually 2-3 years)

Doctor of Philosophy

Minimum duration: 2 years (usually 3-5 years)

Web Enabled MTech

Duration: 3 Year Course

News and Announcements

NAPC 2025

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Former director Human Space Programme ISRO joins the faculty

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AMS 2024

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e-book on CFD

"Elements of Computational Fluid Dynamics" by Prof M Ramakrishna


MAV designed at IITM

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