Department of Aerospace Engineering


Is there a difference between Master of Technology(M-Tech) and Master of Science(MS) programs?

M-Tech is mainly a course work oriented master's program which covers over all aspects of Aerospace Engineering (a remedial program for non-aero students). MS is a full fledged research oriented master's program. Bright candidates with strong motivation for research are advised to apply for MS rather than M-Tech. At the end of 2 year M-Tech program, a project report has to be submitted which will be graded and added to the total credits. MS program usually takes 2-3 years to complete (minimum 1.5 years) and thesis submitted will be evaluated based on the contribution to the topic under investigation. Option for converting to PhD program at the end of first year is available to outstanding students of both M-Tech and MS programs. Admission to M-tech is entirely based on GATE score. MS candidates undergo an interview process based on GATE or GRE score. Scroll down to see further information about MS admission process.

How does one get admitted to MS/PhD programs?

All admissions to MS/PhD are through interviews which are held twice a year. For further details, see last question.

Am I eligible to do MS/PhD in Aerospace Engg, if I do not have a B-Tech in Aerospace Engineering?

According to admission brochure;

For MS: "Bachelor's degree in Aerospace/Civil/Chemical/Computer Science/Electrical/Mechanical/Metallurgical/Naval Architecture OR Master's degree in Physics/Mathematics/Chemistry and aptitude for research. Candidates with degree in other branches of Engineering can also be considered if they have three years relevant experience in Aerospace industry/Research Organisation."

For PhD: "Master’s degree or its equivalent in Aerospace/Civil/Applied Mechanics/Mechanical/Electrical Engg. or Master’s degree in Mathematics / Physics and aptitude for research. Science Post-graduates should have exceptional merit and research or industrial experience in the appropriate field. Candidates with Master's degree in other allied engineering specialisations can also be considered provided they have either basic degree in Aerospace Engineering OR at least five years experience in Aerospace industry/Research Organisation."

I have a valid Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering(GATE) score in non-aerospace subject. Will I be considered for MS?

YES, candidates with GATE score in any subject with a Bachelor's degree mentioned above are eligible for admissions to MS in Department of Aerospace Engg.

I have a valid GRE score but no GATE score. Will I be considered for MS admissions in Aerospace Engg.?

YES. GATE score is a requirement for HTRA scholarship(institute scholarship), but candidate with GRE score can be considered for MS with scholarship from project under the concerned faculty member.

I am a B-tech university rank holder. Can I apply for direct Phd (5 year integrated PhD)?

YES, top 10 university rank holders in their Bachelor's degree with a valid GATE score are encouraged to apply for direct PhD.

I am an IIT B-tech graduate with no GATE score. Am I eligible for MS?

YES, you are eligible for MS without GATE score if your CGPA is above 8.0 on a 10 point scale.

I am an IIT B-tech graduate. Will I be called for an interview for direct PhD?

YES, (a) without GATE score if your CGPA is above 8.0 on a 10 point scale, (b) with a valid GATE score if your CGPA is below 8.0.

Can I apply for both M-tech and MS programs?

YES, you will be required to submit two completed application forms separately.

Can I Choose my research area?

YES. The broad areas of research in the department are (1) Aerodynamics, (2) Propulsion, (3) Aerospace structures and (4) Flight control. Your interview will be based on your choice from the above areas. More specific research fields may be viewed in the department research profile and/or individual faculty member homepage.

When does the admission process start?

Admissions are done twice a year. One for semester starting August (odd semester) and another starting January (even semester). Application dead lines are typically sometime in March and October for odd and even semester respectively, please visit IITM website for exact deadlines for any given year. The interview dates for candidates are tentatively sometime in April for odd semester and sometime in November for even semester at department of aerospace engineering. Candidates should refer their call letters for exact date and time of the interview.