From 2012 - 2022

Ph.D. Thesis

  • Praveen K. (2022) "Dynamical systems and complex systems approach to study transition to thermoacoustic instability in a model multi-element rocket combustor"

  • Amitesh Roy (2021) "Statistics and Dynamics of Turbulent Premixed Flames."

  • Abin Krishnan (2018) "Spatiotemporal analysis of a turbulent thermoacoustic system using complex networks."

  • Pawar Samadhan Ananda (2018) "Studying thermoacoustic systems in the framework of synchronization theory."

  • Vishnu R Unni (2017) "Dynamics of blowout and thermoacoustic instability in a bluff body stabilized turbulent combustor."

  • Gopalakrishnan E. A. (2016) "Bistability and noise induced transition in a horizontal rijke tube."

  • Meenatchidevi Murugesan (2016) "Complex network approach for investigating thermoacoustic system."

  • Gireeshkumaran Thampi. B. S. (2015) "Intermittency-A prior indicator of combustion instability and flame blowout in a turbulent combustor."

  • Vinu Varghese (2015) "Formulating a theory for analyzing acoustic instability of low Mach number reacting flow systems using method of multiple scales."

  • Vineeth Nair V. (2014) "Role of intermittent dynamics in the onset of combustion instability."

  • Lipika Kabiraj (2012) "Intermittency and route to chaos in thermoacoustic oscillations."

  • Sathesh Mariappan (2011) "A theoretical and experimental investigation of non-normal nature of thermoacoustic interaction"

  • Priya Subramanian (2011) "Dynamical systems approach to the investigation of thermoacoustic instabilities."

  • M.S. Thesis

  • Vivekanandan Jegadeesan (2012) "Experimental investigation of noise induced transitions in thermoacoustic system."

  • D.D. Thesis

  • Shruti Tandon (2021) "Investigating the intermittency route of chaos to order transition in laminar and turbulent thermoacoustic systems."

  • Krishna Manoj (2020) "Emergence of rich Dynamical Behaviour in Networks of coupled candle-flame oscillators: Synchronization, Amplitude Death, and Chimeras."

  • Vedasri Godavarthi (2019) "Study of transitions in a turbulent combustor using recurrence networks."